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About Us



It all started with a Cricut and an idea to create personalized gifts for our cheerleading team.  Two Cricuts later, I realized that I enjoyed creating things with my hands and that I was pretty good at it! Fast forward to New Year's Eve 2019. I went to church and the message was about 2019 being the Year of Investment.  This message changed my life and I decided to invest in MYSELF. For me, this meant not squandering my gifts and turning what I once considered a hobby into a full-fledged business! Out of this decision, The Pink Sweat Shop was born on January 4, 2019. Since then, it's been a whirlwind - full of lessons, personal growth, record business growth and BLESSINGS.

The Experience

Our creative team goes above and beyond to create unique designs that make a statement.  Our customer service is an experience focused on ensuring that your expectations are not just met, but exceeded.

Thanks to our innovative and service-oriented approach, The Pink Sweat Shop has been highly successful since day one. Browse our site and get in touch if you need any assistance. Shop Pink!